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Live Full Out the Last 90 Days of 2017

1 October 2017, Comments: 0

Hello from Ibiza, Spain! I arrived here yesterday and still fighting a bit of jet lag, but the island energy is taking care of me. I’m here for a Yoga training with 2 of my favorite teachers who have inspired me for over a decade.

The training is on the theme of the elements, it couldn’t be more perfect given that we just shifted into Autumn. I’m excited to explore the body, mind, and yoga through the lens of the 5 elements.

We started today with the Earth element, the ground beneath us, the flesh and bones within us, and the nature around us… all of it is Earth. We are unconditionally supported by Earth, we are nourished by her and she is loyal to us. Every morning when we step out of bed she provides a foundation for you to stand on, and every evening when we go to sleep she keeps us safe so we can rest.

Acknowledging how much Earth supports us, it got me thinking… why do hold ourselves back from living the live we love? Hold back from what we want to create? Maybe it’s fear… or maybe it’s poor planning… likely it’s a combination of BOTH. (Let’s just be honest, right?)

We officially have 90 days until the end of 2017, I want us to make shift happen. A lot can be achieved in 90 days if you focus on getting ONE thing done. Yup, you read that right… ONE thing.

As I  said last week, tis the season of stress… We’re all racing to the finish line trying to get everything done at the same time only to the most important thing is still lingering on the to do list come 2018.

What is that ONE thing on your 2017 Intention (resolution) list that you absolutely desire? Make that your top priority for the next 90 days, create a clear plan to get it done, and start chipping away. And remember sometimes … done is better than perfect. Get it done!

Need some help? I use Seth Godin’s Pick Four workbook curated from the late, great Zig Ziglar. It’s super simple and a great way to see your daily progress… the old fashioned way with pen and paper.

If you want a tech savvy solution, I just started using Asana. I don’t know enough to be effective with it yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

Post to comments what you’re going to shift in the next 90 days and let the countdown begin. 

P.S. If you haven’t already,  download the Autumn Shift guide for free here. 


Until next time… stay mindful. 

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