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Mindshift Mantra: Be Love

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23 March 2016, Comments: 0

Mindshift Monday

Be Love.

Monday motivation from me to you. You know you’re already love in action, don’t hide it behind harsh words or being busy let it shine bright and infect the people around you. I’ve been reflecting a lot on love lately. Love is an interesting thing. We want it, crave it, try to control it, say it, and at times flip it into hate.

What if we just let it be? Remember that time you had your first crush or connected with your best friends.
Full of laughter and joy, there was no obligation or desire it was simply an expression of who you truly are, love.
It doesn’t disappear, we may try to control it and not share in order to deprive another of our love, in reality it’s still there .

I’m not asking you to be loving, instead I’m asking you to BE LOVE and make shift happen.


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