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What meditation app should I use?

In 2010 I leaped into my first Vipassana training, at the time I was teaching yoga and running Nutritionize, a nutrition consulting practice… to be honest, life was good… I was on a path of work/life balance and there was little to complain about. After 10 days of silence… I knew it was time to take a detour. You often hear me say “meditation is the missing link” and I believed that with every cell in my body, and still do. At the time no one was talking about meditation except for the crazy people (the only people for me),Continue Reading >>

Link Love: My Travel Toolkit

Happy Friday peeps! The past 12 months have been an adventure to say the least. A year ago today I stepped onto a plane and said Bon Voyage to the bay area and Hello to my new nomadic life. In honor of my travel anniversary, in today’s link love I give a shout out to some of my favorite travel hacks that kept me thriving on and off the beaten path. I’ll add the disclaimer that I’m more of a “fly by the seat of your pants” type of girl so I didn’t plan much, nonetheless these resources were superContinue Reading >>

Link Love: We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants

Happy Friday peeps! I made it to day 4 of my Monthly Experiment to blog everyday. I can say this, it feels good to get this one thing done a day. I’ve studied a lot of what type of habits successful people adopt to become successful, one of which is as simple as make your bed daily … The rationale is that by completing that one simple task you start your day with a win, a ego boost if you will, and your brain releases those feel good hormones that you get when you cross the finish line (of anything). IContinue Reading >>

My two guiding principles

  I was consulting with a corporate client this morning, we were discussing strategies to create a more mindful workplace. During our call she asked me what my philosophy and approach was… I paused and noticed my mind time travel back 20 years to the “moment” my life shifted. I honestly don’t believe there ever is a “moment” per se when everything shifts but rather a serious of moments that begin to shift the direction of our life. In hindsight I can see that this “moment” was just one of many in that series. I brought my mind back to the present momentContinue Reading >>

Valentine’s Day Confession

  Hello love. How’s it going? Yesterday was February 14th and many people around the world celebrated “love day” and today… what happened today? Did the love go away? Likely not. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t always been a huge fan of Valentine’s day and it had nothing to do with whether I was single or coupled up. I just thought it was another Hallmark holiday. A day where people are “forced” to go out and buy cards, flowers, candy, and if you’re really going for some brownie points maybe a piece of jewelry. Often myContinue Reading >>