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Step into action with the new moon

It’s the new moon today, the first one of Spring and in the Zodiac sign of Aries, therefore harnessing a unique energy for manifestation. I’ve been learning about and living with the moon cycles over the last few years now and it’s been fascinating to observe what happens within and around me during the new and full moon. I’m by no means a master manifester (yet) but my years of mindfulness and yoga training have cultivated my awareness muscle, I guess you could say I’m a master observer. This year I’m working on taking it to the next level by specificallyContinue Reading >>

Attitude of Gratitude

  I’ve been making a point at the end of each month to reflect on all that I experienced over the previous 30 some days, it’s sorta like an inventory of the good, bad, and ugly. At the end I write down all that I was grateful for and more often than not there is a lot to be grateful for. This New Month Ritual has especially made me aware of all the people that I cross paths with who leave behind valuable nuggets of wisdom that inspire the path of my life… but they have no idea. It gotContinue Reading >>

What is a traveler’s mindset?

  I’ve been back one week now from months of traveling in Europe and slowly settling into bay area life. I say slowly because I’m trying to hold on or better said adopt the traveler’s mind into my daily life. Which of course begs the question – What is the traveler’s mind? I can’t speak for all travelers, only myself and my mindset. When I decided to pack a bag and set off to travel, I knew only one thing for sure… that I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how I was goingContinue Reading >>

How to slow down time and increase happiness

  Happy New Year! I know it feels like ages ago that we celebrated the clock striking midnight but actually it was just at the beginning of this very month. And Lunar New Year was just a few days ago… so in my books it’s still proper to wish you a Happy New Year. As you’ve probably experienced for yourself time moves quickly when we’re consumed in our daily lives, and often it seems that a year has gone by in a blink. This is why it’s extremely important to schedule daily, weekly, and monthly check-ins with yourself. You don’t needContinue Reading >>

You can’t get where you want to go, if you don’t know where you are.

It’s here, the last day of the year. Whether you thought the year went by fast or slow, the reality is that it went by. Time truly is the most precious commodity because we cannot buy it, nor can we store it… therefore it’s important to live it fully. One way to live life fully is by taking time to assess how you’ve lived life. When I was in college studying statistics and doing research one of my professors said the following to describe the importance of data: “You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t knowContinue Reading >>