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Amplify 2017

  It’s time to celebrate the end of November and with that the beginning of the last month of 2016, aka December, aka hibernation month! These next 31 days are going to be life changing, I can feel it! What better way to top off an epic year of change than with a month of transformation. I’ve created a very special guide to help you AMPLIFY 2017, I was creating it for myself initially and thought hmm… there must be someone else also looking to amplify 2017, why not share it with my peeps! Click here to join the AMPLIFY 2017 group andContinue Reading >>

Bon Voyage: Traveling with Your Inner GPS

  A photo posted by Ritu Riyat (@eatmovemeditate) on Oct 24, 2016 at 5:23am PDT It’s been 6 weeks since I hopped on a plane to travel in flow which has now lead me to a small co-working space in Gracia, Barcelona where I’m writing from.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t have a plan… still don’t. And hat has been the beauty of these last 6 weeks, experiencing each day fully present moment to moment being guided not by trip advisor or top 10 things to see lists or even the “must do’s” but instead by my inner GPS. Don’tContinue Reading >>


  I did it! I finished my 5th AIDS LifeCycle Ride and it was hard as hell! Not only did I suffer physically from lack of training but I was challenged emotionally and spiritually everyday. Before getting on the ride I gave myself permission to stop if I ever needed to, without judgement. I’m competitive by nature but have begun to really cultivate self compassion after being introduced to the idea over the last few months. So I figured this was the perfect time to practice some of this self compassion. But I had to be brutally honest and mindfulContinue Reading >>

Mindshift Mantra: The Only Way

      “The only way around is through.” said Robert Frost.  As painful as it can be, in order to truly overcome anything you must go through it. Shortcuts will patch it temporarily, only to make it worse in the future. Go through it now and put it past you. There is growth on the other end. Get out there and make shift happen this week. #mindshiftmantra What are you currently going around that you will face head on? Post to comments… 

Mindshift Mantra: Excellence


Excellence is a choice.It really is. And the sooner we realize our power we can make the choice of excellence. Let go of the petty thoughts of whether or not you are ready, or deserving, or worthy, or any other bullshit excuse. It’s is your duty to choose excellence in every moment. I’m not talking about some arbitrary definition of what excellent means, nor am I talking about perfection. I’m talking about choosing to be your best self, choosing to take action, and choosing to step into it with joy and enthusiasm. This is excellence. Go out there and makeContinue Reading >>