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Mindshift Mantra:

Mindshift Mantra

  Are you still interested? We’ve made it through the first quarter of 2016. Are you still interested in your New Years resolutions? Are you still interested in the routines and rituals that have become habit? Are you still interested in living life well? It’s time to take a pause and do a gut check. What are you still interested in? Once you know what it is that you’re interested in, you can do the actions to bring your interest to the surface. Take inventory today and make shift happen!    

Mindful in Spring

  Mindset is often overlooked when it comes to well-being, although it’s been getting more attention lately. Focusing the mind on a seasonal mantra or meditation can nourish you from the inside out. Spring is associated with rebirth and growth while also shedding the darkness of the winter. Take time to reflect on what you were hibernating with during the winter months and then shed the layers creating space to allow new green shoots to flourish. Here is a Spring Meditation for you to cultivate your deepest desires this Spring season.   “Spring meditation”   Sit quietly and close yourContinue Reading >>

Wisdom 2.0: What is wisdom?

In recent years the quest for peace, love, and happiness has grown. I have seen a rise in websites, devices, apps, and studios all focused on increasing peace, love, and happiness. What once used to be seen as “woo woo” ( I still cringe at that overused phrase) is now becoming more and more mainstream. Young companies are recognizing the benefits of a healthy mind and have integrated meditation practices into the workplace with designated meditation rooms, and a mindful corporate culture. In my personal opinion, it’s about time. It’s no secret that the mind is a powerful system andContinue Reading >>

Wisdom 2.0 Recap

It’s my fourth year attending the Wisdom 2.0 conference, since I attended in 2012 I’ve made an effort to experience this conference from a different lens each year.I’ve been an attendee, I’ve been a facilitator in the un-conference at Google, leading a conversation on PLAY in the workplace, and this year I am a volunteer. I spent the opening day, Saturday, supporting the AV team and the speakers in one of the breakout rooms and had the opportunity to hear some inspiring conversations. What I enjoy most about conferences like this one, is the energy created by like minded individuals motivated toContinue Reading >>

Mindshift Mantra: Things that matter

  This is one of my favorite quotes by Martin Luther King Jr., these words remind me that I have to continue speaking MY truth and sharing my story because no one else will share it the way I do. It’s easy to go with the flow and do what “looks right” to others, its harder to swim upstream and do what no one else is doing. I’ve had moments of feeling out of place all my life, and have now come to accept that as my gift. It wasn’t easy to opt out of going to medical school andContinue Reading >>