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Live Life Fearlessly

  fear·less ˈfirləs/ adjective lacking fear. “a fearless defender of freedom” synonyms bold, brave, courageous, intrepid, valiant, valorous,gallant, plucky, lionhearted, heroic, daring,audacious, indomitable, doughty   Begin birthday rant:   We were all born fearless. Fear is a learned behavior, it is training that we are immersed in since we are gain consciousness. I often say that we spend our first 20 something years learning fear and the rest of our life unraveling it and discovering life beyond fear. The first step is to remember what it feels like in your body. For me, the memory that pops into my mind isContinue Reading >>

#MindshiftMantra | Choose You

#mindshiftmantra Today is the first Monday of the year, it’s the big day when we all completely change our lives. Throw out the sugar and get back in the gym (twice a day) right? Wrong. I’ve been there myself and the pressure of it all creates the exact opposite of the results we are wanting. Before stressing out at how behind you are already, take a breath and CHOOSE YOU. Put yourself before the todo lists and resolutions and choose to accept you as you are right now in this moment. We are human, and we form habits good andContinue Reading >>

Land of Medicine Buddha

It’s December 31st, the last day of the 2015 and officially the last day of hibernation for me. If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram then you probably already know that December is a time for me to turn inwards and take time to slow down and reflect. It wasn’t easy especially since it’s been a hectic past few weeks with a trip to Chicago and Florida over Thanksgiving followed by holiday preparations, wrapping up work, and cleaning out the clutter. Fortunately, I managed find moments of peace and quiet amongst the chaos. NYE was mellow for me this year,Continue Reading >>

#mindshiftmonday: adversity

  I like to think of adversity as the ultimate teacher of life. It’s natures way of intervening and causing shifts. As a yoga teacher I have the opportunity to play with adversity on the mat and explore my choices- to stay or not to stay. The first time I ever did pigeon pose (15 years ago) every inch of my body screamed with pain. I immediately stopped. I’m blessed to have had some amazing teachers who taught me how to be patient and explore the pose, listen to what my body was saying, and most importantly be persistent. IContinue Reading >>

How to start meditating

By far the number one question I get when I let someone know I’m a meditation teacher is “I know it’s good for me but how do I get started?”. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now and I’ll admit that it’s taken me this long to write it because I wanted to not only share with you some tips on getting started, but I also wanted to provide a resource that you could use, make sure you stick around until the end to access my FREE program to help you create a 5 minute meditationContinue Reading >>