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Mindshift Monday: Don’t be afraid of being a beginner

Welcome to another Monday, are you ready to make shift happen?  P.S. If you’re new to Mindshift Mondays, you can read the back story here.   #MindshiftMantra: Don’t be afraid of being a beginner | We all have to start somewhere right?   Happy holiday Monday peeps! Did you have a great weekend? Try something new? It was scorching hot in the Bay Area but a beautiful weekend nonetheless. I was teaching a yoga class this weekend and had a couple of newbies in class. I could tell they were a little hesitant about being there but also eager to learn.Continue Reading >>

#MindshiftMantra | Choose You

#mindshiftmantra Today is the first Monday of the year, it’s the big day when we all completely change our lives. Throw out the sugar and get back in the gym (twice a day) right? Wrong. I’ve been there myself and the pressure of it all creates the exact opposite of the results we are wanting. Before stressing out at how behind you are already, take a breath and CHOOSE YOU. Put yourself before the todo lists and resolutions and choose to accept you as you are right now in this moment. We are human, and we form habits good andContinue Reading >>

#mindshiftmonday: adversity

  I like to think of adversity as the ultimate teacher of life. It’s natures way of intervening and causing shifts. As a yoga teacher I have the opportunity to play with adversity on the mat and explore my choices- to stay or not to stay. The first time I ever did pigeon pose (15 years ago) every inch of my body screamed with pain. I immediately stopped. I’m blessed to have had some amazing teachers who taught me how to be patient and explore the pose, listen to what my body was saying, and most importantly be persistent. IContinue Reading >>

Have a date with sunshine

    In 2006 I had just come back from spending 6 months in India studying yoga and working in the slums of Mumbai, I had no job and no idea what was next for me. When I was offered a short term teaching gig for a teacher who leaving for a few months I happily accepted and decided to pursue a legit western 200-hr certification to make sure I had the “credentials” to teach. At the time there were only a few teacher training courses in the SF Bay Area and I was searching for something that reminded me ofContinue Reading >>

Slow down to the point of stillness

  Sometimes I don’t want to move. I don’t want to run, bike, lift heavy objects, read, write, or speak. Sometimes I just want to sit still in a moment and be there. Fully there. Without the to do list and without judgement. In this busy world it’s rare that we find time to slow down to stillness. If you wait for that moment it will never come. If you create it, it will always be there. Today I invite you to sit still amongst the chaos and just be. You’ll be surprised at all that you discover – good,Continue Reading >>