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#mindshiftmonday: adversity

  I like to think of adversity as the ultimate teacher of life. It’s natures way of intervening and causing shifts. As a yoga teacher I have the opportunity to play with adversity on the mat and explore my choices- to stay or not to stay. The first time I ever did pigeon pose (15 years ago) every inch of my body screamed with pain. I immediately stopped. I’m blessed to have had some amazing teachers who taught me how to be patient and explore the pose, listen to what my body was saying, and most importantly be persistent. IContinue Reading >>

How to start meditating

By far the number one question I get when I let someone know I’m a meditation teacher is “I know it’s good for me but how do I get started?”. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now and I’ll admit that it’s taken me this long to write it because I wanted to not only share with you some tips on getting started, but I also wanted to provide a resource that you could use, make sure you stick around until the end to access my FREE program to help you create a 5 minute meditationContinue Reading >>

Have a date with sunshine

    In 2006 I had just come back from spending 6 months in India studying yoga and working in the slums of Mumbai, I had no job and no idea what was next for me. When I was offered a short term teaching gig for a teacher who leaving for a few months I happily accepted and decided to pursue a legit western 200-hr certification to make sure I had the “credentials” to teach. At the time there were only a few teacher training courses in the SF Bay Area and I was searching for something that reminded me ofContinue Reading >>

Full Moon Meditation

  Every month the moon graces us with it powerful presence in its entirety. Have you ever noticed how you feel around this time?   I’ve been paying attention to my mood and the moon and have discovered even more of myself. The full moon amplifies your mood – if you’re angry you’ll be angrier, and if you’re joyous you’ll experience it to the fullest. It’s best to stay calm during this time (easier said than done).   In many cultures including my own indian culture, many people fast and spend the day in prayer to harness the moons energyContinue Reading >>

45 Ways to Feel Good Instantly

  The beauty of Gmail is that nothing ever goes away. In my search for some information from back in 2004 I came across a note I had sent to the people in my life. In reading it I thought how applicable it still is today. Sometimes I think I was wiser then than I am now or maybe it’s that the simple things were not cluttered by technology as they are now. Being a mindfulness teacher it’s easy to get caught up in working all the time to create products, write articles, coach, teach, and learn, because I wantContinue Reading >>