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Eat: Want to lose weight? Stop stressing…

    Have you ever found yourself exercising like a maniac and dialing in your nutrition only to see minimal results? Why does that happen? Isn’t diet and exercise the key to optimal fitness? Unfortunately it’s not that simple. There is one more major player in the fitness equation and that is your mental health aka stress level. Stress is gotten a lot of press lately and rightly so. In a day and age where there a million notifications, messages, likes, emojis, apps, and thoughts competing for attention it’s only a matter of time where you mental computer will haveContinue Reading >>

Mindshift Monday: Challenge Yourself, Take A Risk

Welcome to another Monday, are you ready to make shift happen?  Monday’s have gotten a bad rap in our modern society, associated with depression, anxiety and melancholy. It’s been used in phrases like: Monday Blues, Manic Monday, Ugh it’s Monday, I got a case of the Mondays… However, our ancestors honored Mondays as it was see as Moon-day, a day that many cultures revered as auspicious and often fasted on this day. Rather than outsourcing your Monday to modern melancholy, take it back and make it matter. Every Monday you’ll find a new dose of inspiration (mantra) here as wellContinue Reading >>

Travel Diaries: To road trip or fly, that is the question?

It’s day 13 of my monthly experiment and if you look back you will not see 13 posts, yup I fell off the challenge however just like any challenge or lifestyle plan you’re just a <insert activity> in this case a post away from getting back on. We used this phrase often at Nutritionize!, you’re just a meal away from getting back on track and it worked great. That little reminder can prevent you from the downward spiral and lift you back up again. The weekend posts are about travel which has been a huge part of my life sinceContinue Reading >>

Eat: The food beyond food

  Monthly Experiment Update: I’m slowly catching up from the 3 day setback that occurred over the weekend. In yesterday’s post I shared that sticking to anything daily require making that thing a priority, meaning other things become less of a priority so what happened this weekend? The one thing that I would prioritize over most other things is sleep, I’ve learned through years of procrastination and being a night owl that I do not function well when I’m sleep deprived… my diet, exercise, and productivity along with my emotional wellbeing all suffer. So, I opt to get my 8Continue Reading >>

Mindshift Monday: Be You, Unapologetically

  Happy Monday… (on a Tuesday). At first I thought about posting this as if it were posted on Monday but that defeats the purpose of the monthly writing experiment I’m conducting. Yes, there are plenty of tricks and tips to batch posts so that they go out the day they are supposed to. I’m not averse to these techniques and I’ve used them in the past and will in the future. But the purpose of my monthly experiment is to write daily and publish daily… it requires me to make this a priority and also reflect on what tookContinue Reading >>