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Link Love: We’re all standing on the shoulders of giants

Happy Friday peeps! I made it to day 4 of my Monthly Experiment to blog everyday. I can say this, it feels good to get this one thing done a day. I’ve studied a lot of what type of habits successful people adopt to become successful, one of which is as simple as make your bed daily … The rationale is that by completing that one simple task you start your day with a win, a ego boost if you will, and your brain releases those feel good hormones that you get when you cross the finish line (of anything). IContinue Reading >>

10 days of silence: How vipassana changed my life

And I’m back, day 3 of my August monthly experiment to write and publish a daily blog post. I’ll include these short intros each day to offer an update about how this entire experiment is going so you have an insiders perspective. Why? Because I want you to know that it’s not all butterflies and rainbow, sometimes it’s just pure hell … And sometimes you and I just have to suck it up because we made a commitment. As outsiders looking into someone else’s life all we see is the end product which is often perfectly packaged with a prettyContinue Reading >>

Defining movement: What does it mean to move?

What does it mean to move

  I’m back for day 2 of my monthly experiment: blog every single day. I’m diving right into the writing topic schedule with Wednesday’s category Move. I don’t know what this category will develop into but my intention is to share experiences with various movement styles. But before delving into that,  first we have to define what movement means. Movement has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, partially because I was always a curious kid and followed my curiosity into cabinets, under tables and into dresser drawers… I clearly also always enjoyed myContinue Reading >>

One a day: Creating shift with one thing a day

It’s here again, the first of the month which means it’s time for another Karma Kleanse i.e. monthly check in. I got back to California last week and gave myself permission to rest and recover. Even though the last 2 months away in Spain and Canada have been fairly stress free and satisfying, travel, personal and emotional development, and family time can take a little toll on even the most zen humans. I came back home with a slight cold that I was able to fight off with rest, hydration, and my neti pot. And now that I’m feeling replenishedContinue Reading >>

On This Day: Facebook feature turn reflection tool

Recently, the “on this day” feature of Facebook became available to me, somehow I’m late to the party. It’s been a joy to reflect on moments over the past 2,3,4, and even 8 years and see the growth AND stagnation that has been a part of my journey. Life moves so quickly these days and sometimes it’s easy to overlook all that we have experienced and explored along with how much we have created and cultivated. I like to think of the “On this day” feature as a tool for reflection. It goes well with my philosophy to make technologyContinue Reading >>