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Life is like riding a bicycle

If you’ve ever been on a bicycle this quote kinda sounds like a no brainer, if you stop pedaling you WILL fall. But it also holds true once you step off of the bike and into any other aspect of your life. Whether you call it balance, passion, grit or hustle… it is fueled by your commitment to keep on moving once YOU stop… it slows down and potentially even stops. But once you stick with it and keep moving it picks up momentum and before you know it you are coasting at 40+ mph enjoying the ride…and once youContinue Reading >>


  I did it! I finished my 5th AIDS LifeCycle Ride and it was hard as hell! Not only did I suffer physically from lack of training but I was challenged emotionally and spiritually everyday. Before getting on the ride I gave myself permission to stop if I ever needed to, without judgement. I’m competitive by nature but have begun to really cultivate self compassion after being introduced to the idea over the last few months. So I figured this was the perfect time to practice some of this self compassion. But I had to be brutally honest and mindfulContinue Reading >>

Becoming Productive: Take 3

  We can all agree that there never seems to be enough time to get everything we want to do… done. After years of making lists and checking off boxes I’ve accepted that there is no DONE, instead there is PROGRESS. Since this realization I have been on a quest for becoming more efficient, effective, and productive with my time because quite honestly what you prioritize gets completed and what you don’t prioritize does not. It’s not rocket science it’s basic human behavior whether you are aware of it or not. This is one reason I’ve made a conscious effortContinue Reading >>

Mindshift Mantra: The Only Way

      “The only way around is through.” said Robert Frost.  As painful as it can be, in order to truly overcome anything you must go through it. Shortcuts will patch it temporarily, only to make it worse in the future. Go through it now and put it past you. There is growth on the other end. Get out there and make shift happen this week. #mindshiftmantra What are you currently going around that you will face head on? Post to comments… 


[I wrote this post back in 2012 and never published it. Stumbled upon it in my draft folder and thought I would put it out there. Years later and I’m still practicing this recipe for success] Every now and then I get caught up in work craziness, workout madness, or just good the good ol life roller coasters… now was one of those times. Although I had been eating well and getting in a bike ride, and a WOD on a daily basis there was something missing. I hadn’t taught a yoga class in 2 weeks and my usual 3Continue Reading >>