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Mental Toughness + Mind/Body Awareness = Optimal Athlete


mindful athlete

A key ingredient in being a strong athlete is mental toughness and mind/body awareness. One way to cultivate this is through meditation and mindfulness. By slowing down, the mind is able to expand and tap into unchartered resources that support peak performance. Becoming mindful cultivates a deeper mind/body awareness and sensitivity that manifests in quicker reflexes, improved hand/eye coordination, fast recovery, and less anxiety.
As an endurance athlete I noticed how quickly my mind could slow me down and even create pain. A regular meditation practice eliminated distractions and allowed me to relax into the marathon vs. push through it.
The Becoming A Mindful Athlete (BAMA) seminar/course focuses on teaching athletes how to breathe properly, slow down, check in with their bodies, and overcome fears and roadblocks that exist in the mind.
We optimize mindset so you can optimize performance.

Meditation is an amazing secret weapon and everyone has the power to meditate. It DOESN’T require hours under a banyan tree. In fact it doesn’t require a yoga studio, or a retreat center either.

It only requires one thing: SHOWING UP.
If you are interested in developing Mindful Athletes in your gym or team, contact us.