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Wellbeing… It starts with YOU. One of the fundamental ways we coach our clients is using a personalize approach to wellbeing. Whether you are looking to look, feel, or perform better we work with you to co-create a wellbeing plan that meets your needs.

Our prescription for wellbeing: Eat. Move. Meditate. 

Ritu weaves these three pillars to craft your personalized wellbeing plan.

Why? Because without any one of these three pillars you lose balance and optimal wellbeing suffers. By dialing in your nutrition we convert your body into a fat burning machine. Movement begins to improve your metabolism, build muscle, and make you feel better. At the base of these two is Meditation or mindset. You are what you think. Stress is a leading risk factor for weight gain and cardiovascular disease. We help you get your head straight so everything else can fall into place.

It’s really that simple. Stop restricting what you eat. Instead let’s focus on how you eat and why you eat.

As the founder of Nutritionize! Ritu continues to practice the philosophy that Food is a drug, eat responsibly.

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