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Mindshift Mantra: Time

I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately, reflecting on how I’ve spent my time over the past years. Someone once told me that if you arrive on time then you’re already late, for things that matter be there early. I won’t say I never run late but I have made a conscious effort to see time as respect, as life, and as love. What I seek in others is not what they can do for me but the time they choose to share with me. A few minutes of quality time is far more valuable than hours of texting.Continue Reading >>

Mindshift Mantra: It’s Your Choice

Every shift begins with a choice. It means you are in control, you make the choice. Adults make on average 35,000 choices a day, that’s 35,000 opportunities to make shift happen. What will you choose? #mindshiftmantra

Wisdom 2.0 Recap

It’s my fourth year attending the Wisdom 2.0 conference, since I attended in 2012 I’ve made an effort to experience this conference from a different lens each year.I’ve been an attendee, I’ve been a facilitator in the un-conference at Google, leading a conversation on PLAY in the workplace, and this year I am a volunteer. I spent the opening day, Saturday, supporting the AV team and the speakers in one of the breakout rooms and had the opportunity to hear some inspiring conversations. What I enjoy most about conferences like this one, is the energy created by like minded individuals motivated toContinue Reading >>

Mindshift Mantra: Get It

  One of the many nuggets of wisdom I received at the wisdom2.0 conference this weekend: “don’t beat yourself up; get it and move on”. I have an amazing ability to really remember events of the past as if they are happening right now in this very moment, as you can imagine it is a vicious cycle. We tend to beat ourselves up for mistakes we made, knowing we are better people and wanting to badly to omit the mistakes from our timeline. However, in every “mistake” is a lesson which grows us to new heights. Rather than focusing onContinue Reading >>

Massage Away Muscle Tension

  Massage has been a part of my self-care routine for years and has helped keep my body supple and strong. Whether you are an avid athlete, weekend warrior, or daily lifer, massage can be an extremely effective treatment to reduce existing pain, stress, and tension as well as prevent the build up of future muscle tension. When it comes to massage, I’m less about how fancy the spa is, and more about how intuitive and skilled the masseuse is. Some of the best massages I’ve had have been at my local chiropractic wellness center. If you are putting aContinue Reading >>