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#MyndshiftMantra:listen to your inner voice, what is it saying? I can’t say this enough… read books, join courses, learn all you can from leaders around you… But ultimately listen to your own inner voice and let it be your guide. It may be easier to listen and follow another, this is because a part of you doesn’t want to fully embrace your power and be 100% responsible for your life… listening to your own voice leaves with no one to blame and with that you become the master of your destiny. Take back control of your life… this week getContinue Reading >>

My two guiding principles

  I was consulting with a corporate client this morning, we were discussing strategies to create a more mindful workplace. During our call she asked me what my philosophy and approach was… I paused and noticed my mind time travel back 20 years to the “moment” my life shifted. I honestly don’t believe there ever is a “moment” per se when everything shifts but rather a serious of moments that begin to shift the direction of our life. In hindsight I can see that this “moment” was just one of many in that series. I brought my mind back to the present momentContinue Reading >>

Step into action with the new moon

It’s the new moon today, the first one of Spring and in the Zodiac sign of Aries, therefore harnessing a unique energy for manifestation. I’ve been learning about and living with the moon cycles over the last few years now and it’s been fascinating to observe what happens within and around me during the new and full moon. I’m by no means a master manifester (yet) but my years of mindfulness and yoga training have cultivated my awareness muscle, I guess you could say I’m a master observer. This year I’m working on taking it to the next level by specificallyContinue Reading >>

How to be a high performer

After 2 weeks of what seemed like living out of my car, I’m back home in the beautiful bay area. It’s feels good to be back home and have some downtime. The last couple of weeks were truly transformational on so many levels. If you follow me on social media you may have seen that I was down in Southern California spending time with one of my mentors Brendon Burchard and learning some powerful tools to be a high performer. Over the course of 4 days Brendon dropped so many knowledge bombs that my brain was exploding… not because heContinue Reading >>

Attitude of Gratitude

  I’ve been making a point at the end of each month to reflect on all that I experienced over the previous 30 some days, it’s sorta like an inventory of the good, bad, and ugly. At the end I write down all that I was grateful for and more often than not there is a lot to be grateful for. This New Month Ritual has especially made me aware of all the people that I cross paths with who leave behind valuable nuggets of wisdom that inspire the path of my life… but they have no idea. It gotContinue Reading >>