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Step into action with the new moon

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29 March 2017, Comments: 0

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It’s the new moon today, the first one of Spring and in the Zodiac sign of Aries, therefore harnessing a unique energy for manifestation. I’ve been learning about and living with the moon cycles over the last few years now and it’s been fascinating to observe what happens within and around me during the new and full moon. I’m by no means a master manifester (yet) but my years of mindfulness and yoga training have cultivated my awareness muscle, I guess you could say I’m a master observer. This year I’m working on taking it to the next level by specifically setting intentions around the new moon and full moon for them to be fueled by nature’s natural momentum.

You’re probably wondering what the heck all this means…

I’m not here to convince you to live life in sync with nature. It took me a long time, myself, to believe that the energy that surrounds us supports us. Growing up I participated in many Indian rituals and it just so happened that most of them did not occur on any given date but rather on a specific phase of the moon in a certain month or season. Therefore, holidays could differ by weeks from one year to another. Following the moon phases is not unique to the Indian culture, actually most of our ancestors looked to the sky for pertinent survival information – time, location, harvest seasons, weather … it’s still amazes me.

So taking a page out of our ancestral book of knowledge we too can reconnect with the power of the moon cycle. A very simple practice of moon phases is to focus on the new moon and full moon.

The new moon, meaning there is no visible moon in the sky, is a time for setting intentions and planting seed that will be nourished by the waxing moon. Because this is the first new moon in spring I feel it’s even stronger in its forward moving energy, couple that with it being a new moon in Aries the first sign of the zodiac, and a fiery one, it represents bold, direct, fast forward movement… it’s like an action energy explosion!

Definitely take advantage of this super sweet solar energy juice perfectly concocted to support your dreams and desires. Here are some reflection questions that I’m using to inspire my intentions. This is also a time to purify or cleanse stagnant energy (beautifully coinciding with spring cleaning) so take time exercise today to sweat out stagnation, take time to feel your feels meaning allow the thoughts and feelings to rise to the surface and process through you rather than suppressing them, and finally take time to meditate in your new found clarity. Answer these two questions:

What do I want to bring into existence this year? This could be a project, a lifestyle, a career, a relationship etc. What action can I take NOW to start this?

Where in my life can I be more bold? 

The new moon officially rises at 7:57 PST on March 27th. So take some time between 7:30-8:30pm to tend to your inner garden and plant some bold seeds!

What are you manifesting this year? Post to comments…







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